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Want to track Someone? Not a issue now. Track Mobile location. Not a big deal,we are here to tell you that you can find the location of phone number like as Address ,Name ,CNIC number of the any mobile number with ease with help of our location tracker tool. This tool is very easy and safe to use. Unlike true caller we don't breach you contact list or any other thing. So this Online location tracking tool is very easy and reliable to use as compared to its main competitors like true caller and cellsaa. While truecaller and cellsaa only provide you with name of the person. We will provide you with name, address, CNIC number and even GPS location in some cases. Here is another good news for you that this website is absolutely free all over the world. We are not going to spam you with ads and ask you to buy built in tools of any cash driven mobile application. This site is specifically made for the people of Pakistan. You can now locate a mobile number of any network (Telenor, Mobilink-Warid, Zong and Ufone). in Pakistan. The most adorable thing is that we are not here to store any personal data in our database. live tracker services are free of cost all over the world. Recently we are working on PAKISTAN , AFGHAN as well as INDIAN mobile phone number details.

Loaction Tracker

Loaction Tracker presents person tracking services all around the world totally free. Currently we are working on Pakistan Mobile Number Details, Afghanistan Mobile Number Details and Indian Mobile Number Details .

Here are some information you can retrieve using our Location tracker.

  • Check Person Name By Mobile Number / CNIC
  • Check Person Address
  • Check Person CNIC
  • Check Person Other Sims
  • Check Person Photo

Current Working Countries?

List of countries on which LiveTracker are working 100% perfect right now.

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