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How to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer
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How to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer

Google Chrome users must know that Chrome allows you to view PDF documents right from the browser without downloading your PDF documents.

This brand feature will be useful, But for those who like to edit and annotate PDFs, This feature might become a bottleneck.

Google Chrome built-in PDF will not let you edit or annotate the contents of PDF which is a major limitation for Chrome’s user who heavily relies on it.

In addition, Users who have been using Adobe’s PDF viewer and any other powerful PDF viewer for that matter.

They need full control over his/her PDFs which can be edited,

shared or moved with other users in his/her own way, But actually, Google Chrome doesn’t support.

In this Article I will tell you how to completely disable Google Chrome PDF viewer, Here is how you can:

How to Disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer

Step Number 1=> First, You will need to Copy and Paste

(chrome://settings/content/pdf documents)

In the URL Bar and simply enter the keyboard key.

It will automatically open the settings for PDF files, Now enable the toggle and it will Stop displaying PDFs in Google Chrome.

The PDF document will be downloaded like in another browser.

PDF Documents

Step Number 2=> Here you will need to change the default PDF viewer on your computer.

Simply right-click on any downloaded PDF documents and visit Properties.


Step Number 3=> Now, I will recommend you click on the “Change” option,

And it will display you all the PDF viewers that are available on your computer.

Change, OK

Step Number 4=> Simply select the PDF viewer of your choice and just click on the “OK” button.


Step Number 5=> At last, Just click on the “Apply” option and after that click on the “OK” button.

Change, OK, Apply

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