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How to Get Full Dark Mode on Google Chrome
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How to Get Full Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Most of the internet user’s prefer Google chrome because Google chrome provides stable performance and syncs well with our Google account.

Suppose if you usually use Google chrome especially in the night,

The white screen may put excessive strain on your eyes at night.

The Best thing is that Google is bringing a dark mode to Google Chrome.

Yet, This brand new feature is still in development and doesn’t work well at the moment.

But I have finally got a fully working dark mode on Chrome,

And you are able to use this feature right now,

Suppose if you can’t wait for Google to release this brand new feature,

Here is how you can enable dark mode on Google Chrome.

How to Get Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Step Number 1=> First, You will need to open (Dark Reader Extension) on your Google Chrome, And simply click on the “Add to Chrome” option.


Step Number 2=> Remember that Dark Reader is not a theme,

It is an extension which darkens the content of a web page.

If you want to complete dark mode, Than I will recommend you to install (Just Black Theme) by Google on your Google Chrome.

Now you are able to enjoy Dark mode on your Google chrome.

Add to Google Chrome

Step Number 3=> Here is how your web browser will look when you are using dark mode on Google Chrome.

Dark Mode

Step Number 4=> Suppose if you are going to remove Dark mode extension,

Then you will need to right-click on the Dark Reader Extension and click on the “Remove from Chrome” option.

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After that open chrome://settings and scroll down until you see a theme and click on the “Reset to Default” option.

Remove From Chrome

Reset to Default

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