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Google Chrome - Extension will Inform you If your Password is Stolen
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Google Chrome – Extension will Inform you If your Password is Stolen

Google Chrome is performing The (Safer Internet) day by Announcing the Brand new two Safety Measures. That will Make an internet a Safer Place.

This Brand New Updates will Protect the Usernames & Passwords and Other Details.

This Updates will be A Sigh of Relief for many users as agree Passwords are Usually Used to theft data.

Password Checkup and Account Protection

Even though if you Have taken Fundamental Protection Part,

That Might not survive to the Service/App that is a sign with your Google Account in Google Chrome.

That’s Why Google Chrome has introduced cross Google Account Protection to Security Against that.

The Extension for Google Chrome is Called “Password Checkup” for PC that can check up even if your Password Has been Agree or not.

How An Extension Work

First, you will need to Install the An Extension called “Password Checkup”.

Once you have Installed the extension that will Automatically Compare your Date that you have shared with google chrome with what you type in.

Suppose if any of the Entries has been Hacked that will Automatically warn you to Change the Password.Google Chrome Extension There are a lot of People they have sensitive info stored on his/her google accounts such as Debit Card or Credit card data and online banking account Details.

An Agree password means that this Info will be Cover. to avoid that, Google Chrome has soar cross Account Protection.

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With This Brand Feature, Google Chrome Info the Applications and Websites that you have Signed in Google Chrome, that your Google Account has been Hacked.

Further More, That will be done without Acknowledge the sensitive Info.

Only a Person will know that his Account got Hacked that a Security Breach has Appear and when it Happened.

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