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How to Install Linux on Chromebook

Today we will be talking about Chromebooks, Chromebooks have become famous for only 2 reasons.

It is very easy to use and a low price. Before you are going to install Ubuntu on your Chromebook,

We recommend you to enable developer mode. This mode is typically reserved for advanced users only. So let’s start.

How to Install Ubuntu on Chromebook with Crouton

The first thing you will need to install Ubuntu on a Chromebook is to download crouton.

Crouton is an acronym for “Chromium OS universal chroot Environment” is a Bundle of scripts that will allow you to install it on the Linux system.

Step Number 1=> First, I will recommend you to “Enable Developer Mode” in Chrome OS.

Step Number 2=> If you are done then simply download Crouton into your Chromebook.

That will automatically save in the “Downloads” option in Chromebooks.

Step Number 3=> If you are in Chromebook simply press the keyboard key “Ctrl + Alt + T” to launch the crash terminal,

Here type “Shell” then click on the “Enter” Key.


Step Number 4=> Now you will be able to get access to a command line, by the help of this command line,

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You can install Ubuntu in your Chromebook. Just in the Terminal, you will need to type “sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -e -t lxde“.



"Unfortunately, as of this writing, Ubuntu’s XFCE, and Unity Desktop Environments aren’t working properly on Chromebooks, which is why I would suggest that you use LXDE for the time being."

Step Number 5=> If you are done, You must wait while “Crouton Downloads Ubuntu” and installs in your Chromebook. This process might take some time.

installing Ubuntu Chromebook

Step Number 6=> Suppose if your installation is finished. You will need to type sudo startlxde to begin the Linux desktop.


How to Switch Back to Chrome OS From Linux

Suppose if you are going back to Chrome OS from Ubuntu.

Then there is a very simple way to log out the Ubuntu from Chromebook.

Step Number 1=> You will need to restart Linux by opening a Terminal “Ctrl + Alt + T” and typing “sudo startlxde“.

You Must be able to switch from Linux to Chrome OS on the fly. While using “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Forward” and “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Back” on ARM Chromebooks,

“Ctrl + Alt + Forward”, “Ctrl + Alt + Back” Followed by “Ctrl + Alt + Refresh” on the Intel Chromebooks.

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