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How to Install Linux on DeX?

The Company Samsung has launched Linux support to its DeX ecosystem.

The feature DeX was a great way to get a full-screen display experience without the need of any computer.

The company Samsung is now changing that by launching Linux support that will allow Samsung users to use a full-blown operating system (Linux).

With this brand new feature you will be able to carry the whole computer in your pocket, So let’s start.

How to Use Linux on Samsung DeX

Requirements for Linux on Samsung DeX:

You will need Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 at present; these two devices have support for Linux on Samsung DeX. I am using Note 9.

You will need Monitor with Type-C to HDMI connector, It is necessary to use Samsung’s own connector for the best performance.

How to Install Linux on Samsung DeX

Step Number 1=> I will recommend you to download the brand new version of Linux on DeX Beta App from APKmirror.

There are many reasons the Play store link is broken right now and it is not working Good.

However, you can side-load the application from APKmirror. It is very soft and safe to use.

Linux on DeX Beta

Step Number 2=> Simply install Linux operating system on Samsung DeX Beta app,

If you are done then open the app and click on the plus button at the bottom of your screen and select download from a server.

 Now you will need to scroll down and click on the “Download” option.

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 The App will automatically start downloading the important Linux image. I will recommend you to make sure that you are connected with WiFi.

Download From Server

Step Number 3=> Suppose if you are facing any kind of issues while downloading the Linux image file on Mobile.

Simply I will recommend you to download it on your PC.

If you are done, You will need to extract the zip file and import the.img file into the LoD folder on your Smartphone.

Now you will be able to open Linux on DeX app, Click on the Plus button and choose Browse.


Step Number 4=> You will be able to see the .img file, click on it and provide a name to the container. Simply click on the “Create” option.


Step Number 5=> Now Linux container is ready to be used on Samsung Dex.

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