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How to Print Comments Only in Word
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How to Print Comments Only in Word

When collaborating on a document with many people,

Or leaving comments is an essential part of the action.

In Microsoft Word, you can print the document along with comments,

Though what if you wish to print just the comments? The best thing is that you can do that.

The question may come in your mind that why would you wish to print out only the comments on a document? 

There are many reasons, That may be you wish a hard copy of the comments you can preserve for your records.

Or you wish to sit down with collaborators as a group and look at the document and the comments separately. 

How to Print out Comments Only

Step Number 1=> First, You will need to open the document that contains the comments you wish to print.

If you are in the “Review” windows, Simply click on the “Show Markup” Button.

Review, Show Markup

Step Number 2=> In the top of the dropdown menu on your screen, You will be able to see “Comments”

Suppose if there is check mark beside it, Then you will need to do nothing,

Or if not then go ahead and simply select that.


Step Number 3=> Suppose printing out all comments, or print out only reviewer-specific comments in Microsoft Word.

To do this, you will need to select “Specific People” from the menu on your screen.

And simply choose the specific reviewer whose comments you wish to keep from the list menu displays. Or Keep “All Reviewers” selected in Word.

Specific People

Step Number 4=> Here you will need to select the “File” tab n your screen. 


Step Number 5=> In Your screen in the left-hand pane, You will need to select the “Print” option.


Step Number 6=> Here you will be able to see many options along with a preview of the document.

At the top of the “Settings” section, You will need to select the “Print All Pages” option.

Print All Pages

Step Number 7=> Next on the document menu displays in the “Document Info” section.

You will need to Select the “List of Markup” option.

Here, also make sure the “Print Markup” option is selected at the bottom.

Print Markup

Step Number 8=> In the Next Page above the “Settings” menu on your screen, Simply click on the “Print”.


Step Number 9=> Now you are able to print version of only the comments fo the document. 

If you Have Any Kind of Question-Related to This Article You May Ask in the Comments Section Below. 

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