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How the UK Government Supports Technology Startups
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How the UK Government Supports Technology Startups

Everyone knows that United Kingdom Govt provides for technology startups from funding to visas.

According to an analysis of economic data, the UK is the 2nd best country in Europe for startups.

Though the Government of British has a mixed reputation in the Startups community. 

The Govt has since introduced and updated the support it offers to technology startups.

The main resources they provide from hard funding to Soft advice, Here are.

Number One (Funding)

The govt of the United Kingdom offers several funding routes for Technology startups.

Anyone can apply for one of the ranges of Govt grants run by the Department for business,

Energy and industrial strategy and Startups loans scheme. 

They offer loans of up to £25,000 at a fixed interest rate of 6 percent per annum for brand new business ideas.

Number Two (Support)

In terms of unique support, The department for business, Industrial Strategy and Energy maintains a database of schemes which offers advice and expertise.

The Website (Business is Great) will provide information on subjects ranging, Simply from how to Protect your Intellectual property to tax advice.

The Website (Tech.London) Will provides advice on setting up in the capital While including Local workspaces,

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Mentorship Program, Events, As part of a collaboration b/w the mayor of London,

Job boards and funding tips, and investor portal gust or lead sponsor IBM.  

It also offers support and advice for scale-up companies searching to set up shop in the capital. 

The Govt of UK has also tried to attract startups to the country by offering one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the G20 and the ability to register a company within 48 hours. 

Number Three (Visas)

The Technology sector has regularly warned that access to the international employees they need to bridge the digital skills gap is too restricted. 

In 2016, The Govt of UK tried to allay these consens,

Simply by doubling the number of visas available through the tier 1 route from 

1,000 to 2,000 a year. The applications are assessed by an independent panel of experts against the eligibility criteria in the guidance of Technology nation. 

The Home office has designated the body to endorse applications for the visa.

Applicants must be deemed either ran “Exceptional Talent” proven to be a recognized leader,

And have “Exceptional Promise” as an emerging leader. 

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