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How to Use the Sync Center in Windows 10

The feature Sync center was introduced with Windows Vista,

And has been Supported in all versions of Windows Since.

If we look to the main purpose of Sync center,

Sync center was to be able to synchronize your files from many devices.

So you will be able to have the most updated copy when you need it.

How to Enabling Offline Files to Use Sync Center

Before you are going to use the feature Sync center to sync any network files to your computer, You will need to enable offline files first.

Step Number 1=> First, You will need to select the start menu,

After that click on the “Control Panel” option,

Then simply choose the “Control Panel” to launch it.

Control Panel

Step Number 2=> Here you will need to type “Sync Center” in the search box on the top right corner of the screen.

And After that select the “Sync Center” option.

Sync Center

Step Number 3=> Now I will recommend you to select the “Manage offline Files” from the left side menu on your screen.

Manage offline Files

Step Number 4=> Here, Simply select the “Enable Offline Files” option.

Enable Offline Files

Remember: Remember that you will need here administrative rights to enable this feature.

Step Number 5=> You are done, Simply restart your computer and just follow the First three steps again to access the offline file settings. 

How to Use Sync Center in Windows 10

If you are done, I main you have restarted your computer and launched sync center again.

You will be having Disk Usage, Encryption, and Network tabs within your offline files settings. 

  • Disk Usage: Disk usage will allow you to define the amount of disk space your own files are allowed to use.
    Here By default, the files will have all the free space on your hard drive in your computer. 
    If you are going to modify this, Simply select the “Disk Usage” tab, then select the “Change Limits” option.

Offline Files

  • Encryption: The best thing is that Sync center allows you to add much security to your offline files.
    Simply by giving you the option to set up Encryption on your offline files,
    while using the Built-in Software on your Windows computer,

    BitLocker, To encrypt your offline files, Just select the Encrypt. 

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  • Network: If you are in the Network tab, You can select to automatically work with your own files offline.
    Suppose if your Network connection is too slow. The good news is that you can set how often you would like to check for a slow connection.

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