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Track New vehicle Now you can easily verify registration of vehicles in Pujab, Pakistan and Lahore. This online system developed by MTMIS Punjab can be used for verification of both motor cars and motor bikes in region of punjab. MTMIS further categories the Vehicle verfication system by provincal system. In Punjab vehicle verification system works under the keen eye of MTMIS also known as Excise, taxation and narcotics control department which works under Punjab government. What types of Vehicles verification is Done by MTMIS PUNJAB VEHICLE VERFICATION SYSTEM . .

Punjab Vehicle Verfication system

You can verify following vehicles in Punjab through MTMIS Vehicle Verfication system. ⦁ Motorbikes. ⦁ Trucks. ⦁ Semi-trucks. ⦁ Logistic trucks. ⦁ Buses. ⦁ Motor cars. ⦁ Tractors. And other type of modified vehicles which are road legal in Pakistan. Who can verify his vehicle registration with MTMIS PUNJAB? Anyone from anywhere in the world can use this tool online and verify the registration of any vehicle which is registered in Punjab. Punjab vehicle verification online tool can verify cars registered in any major cities of Punjab except Islamabad as it lie's in Federal area. GOOD NEW FOR CAR OWNERS IN PUNJAB Strategic reform unit of prime minister of Punjab and excise department launched a new incentive by the name of "Transport Sahulat Program". This is the third phase of the program which now issues Automated Registration Cards (ARC) just like your CNIC card. This enables us to get rid of paper based vehicle Registration papers. The card is well built which makes it easier to carry around and safer than every before. WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF STOLEN VEHICLE Follow the below mentioned procedure in case you find yourself a victim of a stolen motorbike or a motorcar. 1. Go to your nearest police station. 2. File and FIR report. 3. Grab a copy of the FIR. 4. Then you can report to submit a written application to Excise and Taxation officer. Note: We as a website don't hold any information. We are here to only guide you to the right track. So you can register your new or used vehicle under your name. We are help you to verify the registration of each car before indulging in buying or selling. IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR EVERY CAR LOVER Avoid buying and selling non custom paid vehicles. These vehicles affect our country's taxation and regulatory system. On top of this you have no clue of the recent history of the vehicle. It might be used in some unlawful activity which can also drag you in trouble. On top of all this, these vehicles can be stopped by excise department and compensated anytime. You can also Check Online Vehicle Verification for other parts of Pakistan. Sindh Vehicle Verification Islamabad Vehicle Verification KPK Vehicle Verification KASHMIR Vehicle Verification For now, Baluchistan Vehicle Verification process is not online. For this you have to visit MTMIS office located in Quetta. Hope you will find this article helpful and follow the rules setup by MTMIS PUNJAB. For further queries Contact US.
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