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What to Do When Windows 10 is Stuck in Airplane Mode
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What to Do When Windows 10 is Stuck in Airplane Mode

You may have knowledge about Airplane mode,

Airplane mode can come in handy when you wish to suddenly disable all wireless communication on your computer.

Such as Wi-Fi, Cellular data connections, Bluetooth, and GPS,

This Feature can be enabled via your pc taskbar icon in the notification section.

Sadly, Windows 10 can hardly get stuck in Airplane mode.

If you are facing this kind of issue fellow the troubleshooting guide below.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode With A Keyboard Shortcut

The very easy way to turn off Airplane mode in your computer is by using the keyboard shortcut.

First, you will need to peruse your keyboard for a key that displays an icon that looks like a radio tower emitting signal waves.

Simply hold down that Function (Fn) key After that press the key containing the aforementioned icon, If you are done.

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A Notification must be displayed in the upper left-hand corner of your screen stating (Airplane mode off),

And your computer Wi-Fi and other connectivity must be instantly reinstated.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode through System Settings

If the System settings interface the Airplane mode can also be toggled off and on,

easily accessible via the Windows 10 search box located in the lower left-hand side of your screen next to the start button.

Step Number 1=> If you are going to begin, simply type the following text into the Search box (Airplane Mode).

Step Number 2=> Suddenly A pop-out results screen will display,

Here you will need to click on the “Airplane Mode: System Settings” located under the best match header.

Step Number 3=> The Airplane mode settings interface must now be displayed, overlaying desktop.

Here, I will recommend you to click on the button found under the “Airplane Mode” heading.

So that it switches from on to off in your computer, If you are done,

You will notice that the button labeled Wi-Fi will automatically change from Off to On.

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